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VES - Rotherham

M.K. Site Services were tasked with the removal of racking to allow scissor lift access for the task and also the removal & installation of 6 Air handling units and a chiller.


The Air Handling Units were suspended from the ceiling in an industrial unit 7 meters up.  We decided the safest way to perform the task was to use two scissor lifts to access the roof area allowing us to attach 4 chain blocks to the same beam as the AHU. We then attached the units to the chain blocks using slings, this allowed us to remove the brackets and to then lower the AHU down to the ground.

Installing the new ones was exactly the same but in reverse.


We also replaced a redundant chiller using a local crane company then our vehicles removed the old chiller and AHU's from the site.



Ritherham Racking In Place.jpg
Rotherham Racking Removed.jpg
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