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M.K. Site Services were tasked with the installation of 2 Air Handling units.  They were to be positioned onto a new mezzanine floor (M.K. protected the floor against any scratches with hardwood sheeting)
First, we had to remove the handrail from the leading (landing edge)

Only M.K. personnel with safety harnesses on were allowed onto the floor while operations were on-going (policed by M.K.)

The sections were first offloaded from transport, then moved into the work area, the forklift the lifted the first one up and we landed it onto skates and manoeuvred it into place. This was repeated until all sections were up.  The handrail was then reinstated and we joined the units, tidied up and left.  Another happy client.


Invertech (1).jpg

Invertech - Livingston

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