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St James Centre - Edinburgh

Invertech (1).jpg

M.K.Site Services have had a large presence on the St James Centre Project including the lifting and relocating of prefabricated modules within the site.  Also using genies to lift the aforementioned modules to ceiling height so they could be secured. 


We were also tasked with the moving 8 x Prefabricated Control Panel Plant Rooms weighing up to 17ton.  The site was looking for a solution to point load issues over a bridge within the site.  M.K. decided the best option was to use out Technologically Advanced Air Skates.  With this technique, we could reduce the point load down to as little as 2.1 ton.


We Moved the appropriate CP Plantrooms over the bridge and into their positions.


M.K. again provided a perfect solution to the problem in front of them.


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